Enhance your Creativity.

Improve your design skills through our training programs. We offer 20-hour sessions every week which covers the most essential topics for aspiring designers. Learn from us and be part of our growing finishers who found their niche in the design field.

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Graphic Design using CorelDRAW
Training Fee: Php3,500
20 hours training (MWF or Daily Schedule)

Photo Editing using Photoshop
Training Fee: Php3,500
20 hours training (MWF or Daily Schedule)

Packaged Training: CorelDRAW and Photoshop
Training Fee: Php6,000 (save P1,000)
40 hours training (MWF or Daily Schedule)

HTML/CSS Web Design Course
Training Fee: Php3,500
20 hours training (MWF or Daily Schedule)

Hands-on Activities and More:
• Design Concept Guide – for making logo design
• Preparing objects in your Layout – making print collaterals
• Consistency of Design – using relevant objects or images
• Color Theory – why Coke uses Red color?
• Shapes and their Meanings – learn to create design personality
• Photo Editing – be Paris in the next 2 hours!
• Creating Web templates – and promote your products online
• HTML and CSS – feel great to understand them


About the Trainers

Ray Rubio is the Creative Director at The Brand Positive.  He acquired his 2-year Design Course in college and has become a trainor for Graphic Design and Animation to a Singapore-based training institute in 2001. He offered Free 3-month Corel Shares Training Program to the 12 Out of School Youths in 2008 with then Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

Davey Jones Coscos, Design Instructor is one of the OSY graduates and has become a living testimony of Learning as Treasure. He started his professional career as graphic designer after he finished the program and now becomes our trainor at the Cube Design Lab.

“Love what you do. Remember that talent requires passion to drive excellence and success. From a student, to a professional Graphic Designer. Now it’s my turn to share my talent and help you develop yours.”  – Davey

Jean Rose Jaralve is a professional Web Developer at The Brand Positive.  She teaches HTML/CSS topics, teaching students to understand the underlying pieces of codes of a web page.